Telephone Course

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Answering the phone is so sensitive and critical when dealing with clients; especially new ones. They may make a bad expression about the company or the workers operating body, when are not satisfied about the way they are answered. This course provides training on answering the phone in a professional way by training on:

  • The difference between what is to say and how to say it (tone)
  • Answering the phone protocol (company’s name, full name of the worker, salutations,) and vise versa in case the worker is the caller (salutations, full name and finally the company’s name).
  • Relaxing when talking with no haste or interruptions
  • Using words clearly
  • Dealing with varied situations (absorbing callers anger, or even arrogance sometimes).
  • No calling at rest times (generally between 12:00 & 13:00)
  • No eating, chewing, drinking or smoking during the call
  • Criticism, angers or any other work related matters are not personal


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